Cyber Me

Back in the 90ies when the internet started to conquer our private computers many people were afraid that people would pretend to be someone else and no one could keep control on that. There were no limits set to our imagination. We could transform into superheroes or talking dogs.

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Who is „WE“?

Following the book of the neuro-scientist Gerald Hüther Was wir sind und was wir sein könnten (What we are and what we could be) we should maybe start to think who We really are. The scientist wrote in 2011 rightly that in times of higher mobility and cultural interchange a different We-feeling exists than it prevailed in times of our great-grandparents. But a real signal of readiness for a new We isn’t perceptible. Why is this being the case?

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at first sight

From early childhood we are pointed to the fact that only our inner values count. To judge people by their appearance and physiognomy is regarded a superficial. This article is about these superficialities and, nevertheless, how they control our everyday lives. There is no discussion that it is necessary to look at the character and behavior of a person but in a biological context our outer appearance plays also a certain role. When we look into the past – not…

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The right attitude

Why is laughter so infectious and why are movies making us cry? Imitating other helps us to understand their feelings. Our sensitivity is responsible for these manners.

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